zondag 5 februari 2012

Ten times over

The third time I pick up the phone to call
The fourth time I stare with contempt at the wall
The fifth time I tell me I will show them all 
Losing time
End the line

The sixth time I look in the mirror and see
The seventh who gazed from the mirror at me
The eightth time I wonder if I shouldn't flee
But I'm losing time
End the line

I'm counting the times I walk up and down
I'm clearing my head and I'm leaving town
Ninth time I blink and look around
But I'm losing time
End of the line

There are little flowers blooming in my head
No cloudy days, but sun instead
I'm counting stars now
Not sure I know how
I'm feeling fine.

Numbers float away like smoke
With the shattered dreams they broke
The first time I start with an empty space
The seconds, the minutes, the hours and the days.

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